Program the AT89S8252 and 89S53 with Easy-Downloader V2.0
Wichit Sirichote,
Upgrade your writer chip 89C51 with EZ53.HEX will let the Easy-Downloader be able to write the hex code to the AT89S8252 and AT89S53. The new EZ53.C still works with the UPLOADER EZ3, EZ31 without any modifications.

The SPI Serial downloader provides a simple means to write the hex code into 89S8252 and 89S53. This page however, provides parallel programming for those who built their own Easy-Downloader V2.0. I have read details of parallel programming of both chips. Most of the mode setting are the same as for 89C52 (8KB) and 89C55 (20KB), except for getting signature byte and read byte, the EA pin must be +12V instead of +5V. Also the signature byte of both chips differ from 89C52 and 89C55, i.e., for 8252 it was 0x72 and 89S53 was 0x53.
    I thought without any modifications of the Window version EZ3, I may send the signature byte with 0x55 for 8252 and 89S53, so the Uploader EZ will recognize both chips.
    For blank test, however, this job will do by the programmer board, i.e., for 8252 will check both 8KB code memory and 2KB EEPROM data memory (0000H-27FFH). Also for 89S53 but the code space is now for blank test is only 12KB (0000H-2FFFH) instead of 20KB as provided in 89C55. So for now with the EZ3 and 8252 or 89S53 chip in ZIF, the EZ3 will show "found 89C55", say.
    Care should be taken only the memory size, must be in the size of chip we need to program, say 8KB code, 2KB data for 8252 and 12KB code for 89S53.

For new comer, please take a look at the simple programmer board here Easy-Downloader V2.0

Revised software 4 December 2000: I have tested this version with 8252 chip, it works fine, if you found any bugs, please let me know.
intel hex file for beta version
source program in C for study and modification

For now Mr.Zong is very busy. I have asked him to modify his uploader to be worked with 89S8252 and 89S53, only to make it recognizes both chips. So far, haven't got his message yet. Please try this software beforehand.

updated 4 December 2543