On May the 1st 2002, the underground hydropower plant was open for visitor. I took my family to see the plant located 20km from my home. My daughter's friend, "Sawani" stands in the middle of above picture also went together.
During daytime the synchronous generator will be water pump. And during peak hour normally from 18:00, it will be generator. Four 250MW synchronous generators are installed. The 3-phase output voltage provides 1.6kV for each phase. It made from French company. The step up transformer will increase the voltage level from the output of the generator to grid level ~200kV.

On the way back home we visited Lamtaklong highway rest area where we took many pictures.
You may wondered how can I get the picture above the last one. Sawani helped us took a camera and shoot the picture, so cool.

Wichit Sirichote

May 4, 2002